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St John the Baptist Primary School, Belfast

Parents Internet

The internet is an essential element in the 21st Century life for education and social interaction. The school has a duty to provide students with quality internet access as part of their learning experience.

At SJB we take all reasonable measures to make sure that your children are able to use the internet safely. Each year we send home a copy of our Internet safety Policy and our Safe Use of the Internet Agreement for pupils and parents to sign.


  • Pupils may only use approved email accounts on the school system. They must immediately tell a teacher if they receive offensive email.
  • Pupils must not reveal personal details of themselves or others in email communication, or arrange to meet anyone without specific permission.
  • Email sent to an external organisation should be written carefully and authorised before sending, in the same way as a letter written on school headed paper.
  • The forwarding of chain emails is not permitted.

School Website

Pupil's full names will not be used anywhere on the school website or blog, particularly in association with photographs. Staff or pupils' personal information will not be published.

Social Networking

All of the children at St. John the Baptist are too young to have pages on social networking sites such as Facebook. use of Facebook etc is not appropriate for any primary aged pupils. Where teachers and staff come across social networking sites owned by pupils from the school who they know to be under aged, they will report them to the responsible site.

We understand that, despite pupils not being allowed to have pages on Facebook etc, that sometimes they do with the agreement of their parent or carer. We regularly hold sessions with children in the upper part of the school to explain to them how to use these sites safely if they are going to use them with the agreement of their parent or carer. They can make their use safer by setting the highest security settings, changing their name on the site to a made up one that only their friends will know and blocking access to everyone except people that they actually know.

Authorising Internet Access

All children must have returned a form signed by a parent / carer before they are able to use the internet at school. These forms have been sent out regularly and most families have returned them. They are available in the school office or downloaded from here.