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St John the Baptist Primary School, Belfast


Welcome to P.3HCWW(P3A)

Our teachers are Mrs H Campbell and Ms W Wojnicka.

We are so delighted to have our wonderful children back in school after their summer holidays.

Our Literacy Focus this term is Recount writing and our teachers have lots of fun activities planned for our lessons. Within our writing lessons, our learning will focus on a mixture of grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will develop phonics knowledge and spelling patterns and skills. We will look at nouns and verbs (present and past tense).

A big push will be to remember how to use capital letters and full stops correctly. We know you have worked hard in Primary Two and we look forward to seeing all your beautiful work in Primary Three.

Our reading focus this term will be to keep developing our word recognition, decoding strategies and reading for understanding. 

We have lots of fun Numeracy learning planned. We will focus on recapping numbers to 20 and to 50 and beyond. We will revise our addition and numeracy strategies with a mixture of practical, written and electronic exploration methods and some problem solving. We will look at our shapes, how many shapes we can name and their properties. We look forward to seeing all our wonderful Numeracy strategies and skills!

Homework will be given out on a Monday due for Friday. This will include a reading record, reading books, a homework booklet for the week, a Mental Maths and Grow in Love booklet for you to work on. Please read with your child through the week and discuss their books. 

Our topic this term is Houses and Homes. We will have lots of finding out about our local area, looking at the types of houses we live in here in Ireland and how houses from around the world differ. We will be doing lots of art and science activities related to this topic.

It is important that we all look after our health and wellbeing in school and at home. We encourage you to eat healthy food in school and at home. Our healthy break options include a piece of fruit, cheese or yoghurt. We encourage everyone to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep us all hydrated.


We have our sensory circuit on the link corridor and we have our nurture room to enjoy. Boys and girls from P.1-7 will be able to use these amazing new resources throughout the year.

PE day is Tuesday and pupils must come in in their PE kit on this day. 

The school doors open at 8.45am and children will go straight to the classroom, lessons begin at 8.55am. 

Our new classroom is by the P3/P4 entrance, which is beside the church car park gate. You will also get picked up at home time via the church car park gate. 

You will continue to use hand sanitiser when you enter the school. 

We are a nut free school as some of our children have a nut allergy (no nutella, no foods containing nuts). 

We finish at 2.30pm Monday-Thursday and 1.30pm on a Friday. 

This is a very important year for our P.3 children as they will be making their First Confession. We will let you know this date when it is confirmed later in the year.

We look forward to a wonderful term of learning and fun in P3!



Mrs Campbell and Ms Wojnicka